LSC Fact Sheet & Tour

Facility Size:

13,000 Gross Square Feet (dedicated to library storage)



1.75 million 'book equivalents' (note: archival boxes, videos, maps, etc. may also be stored in the facility)


Distance from main campus:

5.2 miles


Project team:

Project Manager: Ana Ramirez, Rice Project Control

Strategic Planning & Design: Carlos Jimenez, Carlos Jimenez Studio

Architect: Kendall/Heaton Associates, Inc.

Landscape Architect: James Burnett Landscape Architecture

General Contractor: Spaw Maxwell Corporation

Warehouse Consultant: Reese Dill, Dill and Company

Environmental Engineer: CHP & Associates 



Shelving Manufacturer: Morgan Marshall Industries

Inventory Control System: Generation Fifth Applications, Inc.

Book Trays: Brian Thomas Display & Packaging

Order Picker Vehicle: Raymond Corporation

Book Cleaning System: Ruwac U.S.A. 


Total project budget:

$7.8 million