Off-Campus Access to Online Resources

Service Description

Fondren Library has paid subscriptions to many online resources. Users can access these resources while on a campus computer or while on campus wi-fi. Current Rice students, faculty, and staff can also access these materials while away from campus.

Rice EZproxy

  • Clicking on a link to a subscription-based library resource in the library catalog (OneSearch) or in the A-Z Databases list will take you to the Rice EZproxy service, where you will be asked to sign in with your Rice NetID.
  • After signing in with your Rice NetID and password, you will be redirected to the resource.

Rice VPN (selected users)

  • Users who have VPN access to the Rice network will not be required to log in to the Rice EZproxy service.
  • See OIT's KnowledgeBase article 82263 for more information about how to set up your Rice VPN connection.

Linking to Resources

  • Faculty wishing to build links to library resources for inclusion on syllabi and/or in Canvas should consult our guide to linking to ensure that the links will work for students who are off-campus. 


Contracts with our publishers define how the resources may be accessed and used:

  • Use should be restricted to academic research and teaching.
  • Content should not be made available on servers/websites that are openly accessible, nor should copyright marks be obstructed or removed.
  • Use is subject to University policies, including Policy 832: Appropriate Use of Information Technology and Policy 333: Intellectual Property Policy.
  • Systematic downloading of resources and text/data mining are prohibited.
  • Off-campus access to materials is generally limited to current students, faculty, and staff of Rice University.