DMC Borrower's Agreement Form

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DMC equipment borrowers must abide by the terms and policies on this form. 


Status message

First time borrowers, please fill out this borrower's agreement form.

Loan of Equipment:

  1. Only Rice students, faculty, and staff with a valid Rice ID may borrow equipment.

  2. Borrowers must be trained in using the appropriate piece of equipment before being granted check-out privileges.

  3. Borrowers are responsible for all equipment checked out to them after they sign the DMC equipment checkout form.

  4. Should equipment become faulty for any reason while in the borrower's charge, return it immediately to the DMC and let the DMC staff know about the problem.

  5. Equipment sign-out privileges may be revoked at any time without warning due to careless handling of equipment or repeated lateness. For example: unattended equipment is considered careless handling.

Terms of Equipment Loan and Renewal:

  1. Equipment can be checked out for a 7-day period.

  2. Equipment may not be renewed.

  3. Extended loans of any equipment will be allowed only with special permission from the DMC professional staff.

  4. Borrowers must return in-house use items within 4 hours or up until closing time, whichever comes first.

Lost or Damaged Equipment: 

  1. The borrower will be responsible to pay the cost of replacement of any equipment not returned, or equipment returned that is broken.  

  2. Costs assessed against borrower will be imposed on borrower's library account and should be paid at the circulation desk of the library.

Reservation of Equipment:

  1. Equipment reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance and up to 7 days by logging in to your library account.

  2. Reservations are valid for 24 hours only. Equipment will be released if it is not picked up within 24 hours.

  3. Pre-approved/long term projects may be given special consideration by the DMC professional staff.

  4. The DMC will do its best to honor reservations.  However, our equipment is used heavily, and occasionally patrons return items late.  If this happens, we will do our best to find alternative equipment or to notify you when the equipment is returned.  Please help us ensure the smooth operation of our check-out system by returning equipment on time.