DMC Custom Workshop Request

Request Description

If you would like to help your students develop skills in producing multimedia (such as videos, presentations and posters) or in using software to support their research, the Digital Media Commons is eager to work with you to offer targeted workshops focused on your needs.  We can be flexible about the amount of time devoted to the workshop as well as the information that is covered.  We can also offer special workshops for departments, research teams, and other groups.

Workshops Offered in the Past

  • Digital Storytelling Workshop: hands-on workshop takes participants through the process of crafting a digital story, from writing a script to editing images to creating a video.  At the end of the workshop, students should have the basic skills to produce their own short videos.
  • Organizing Your Research Using Zotero: Zotero makes it easy to download articles or web pages as well as related bibliographic information, take notes, organize research collections, and automatically generate a bibliography.  If your class includes a research paper assignment, consider introducing students to this invaluable research tool.
  • Creating a Poster with PowerPoint: This workshop covers the basic principles of designing an effective poster. It also has a hands-on part to walk participants through the process of creating a poster with PowerPoint.
  • Creating a Personal Web Site Using WordPress: Using the blogging software WordPress, now supported at Rice, you can easily develop a web site for your class, research group, or department.  In a brief workshop, we can show you how to get started
  • Animating Blood Cells in Blender: Participants will get a short introduction to Blender then create red and white blood cells to animate in a blood channel. The fundamentals from this workshop can be applied to making a variety of biological renderings. 
  • Intro to Garage Band: This course will cover the basics of using GarageBand. We'll go over recording, using the built-in loops, importing sounds, and exporting a final product.
  • Intro to Tableau Public: This workshop covers the whole workflow of using Tableau including connecting to data, creating charts in worksheets, building an interactive dashboard, and sharing and publishing viz to the web.

Please contact Jane Zhao (, or Ian Mellor-Crummey ( if you would like the DMC to provide training for your students or department.

Please describe what you would like to achieve with the workshop and what software/equipment you specifically need instruction.
Preferred Appointment Date/Time
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