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basement lockers

-basement lockers pictured above location in the basement

6th floor lockers

-6th floor lockers pictured above

Locker rental policies:

  • Rice Students.
  • Lockers are assigned based on availability.
  • Lockers are reserved for an academic year.
  • Locker assignments may be picked up at the circulation desk.
  • Locker key are the responsibility of the locker occupant for the semester.
  • The replacement cost for a lost key is $10. The amount due will be payable at the circulation desk.
  • No one should place in a locker any food, drinks or unlawful items which would violate University policy, including but not limited to drugs, weapons, stolen property or hazardous materials.
  • Fondren Library reserves the right to open and search all student lockers at any time.
  • Fondren Library assumes no responsibility for personal items left within lockers.


Lockers are the property of Rice and may be searched at any time.  Individuals should have no expectation of privacy in the lockers. 

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