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Graduate Study Carrels

There are three types of carrels (locations):


  • There are 127 total
  • Features a locker, desk and shelf space for books


  • There are 23 total
  • Features an enclosed office, desk and shelf space for books

Brown Fine Arts Open

  • There are 23 total
  • Features a desk and shelf space for books

Advantages of a Carrel:

  • Personal study space in the library to conduct heavy research
  • Books checked out to your carrel receive a loan period of one semester
  • Recalled carrel books will be pulled from your carrel by library staff

Carrels are assigned based on availability

Carrels are renewable annually for up to a maximum of 3 years

Closed carrel applicants may apply no more than one semester before entering the Ph.D. candidacy phase of their doctoral program (ABD).  Verification of ABD status from an advising professor or the Graduate Studies Office is required before carrel is assigned. Closed Carrel applicants will be denied after 10 days if no proof of ABD/Candidacy status is received.


  • Materials not checked out to a carrel will be removed by library staff.
  • Carrels are reserved on a semester basis. (Summers are considered their own semester)
  • Carrel key tags are the responsibility of the carrel occupant for the semester.
  • The carrel key should be returned immediately after the carrel is vacated.
  • The replacement cost for a lost key is $10. The amount due will be payable at the circulation desk.
  • Books charged to your carrel account may not leave Fondren Library.
  • Items checked out to your personal account need to be secured within your carrel locker.
  • When not in use, carrels are to remain locked at all times.
  • Fondren Library assumes no responsibility for personal items left within carrels.
  • Carrels are renewable annually for up to a maximum of 3 years
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