Woodson Research Center Deed of Gift

Request Description

Thank you for your generous donation.

This document transfers ownership of physical and digital materials to Rice University, and addresses donor’s preferences regarding intellectual property rights (copyright) and any restrictions on the use of the collections. I/We understand that upon signing this Deed of Gift, the physical and/or digital materials described in Exhibit A become the legal property of Rice University’s Special Collections and Archives, Woodson Research Center.

Transfer of Ownership
Intellectual Property Interests
This section deals with the copyright, literary rights, artistic rights, or patents (collectively, “Intellectual Property”) that may be associated with the physical and digital materials being donated. Please check one of the following:
Use of Materials
I/We understand that the use, maintenance, disposition, and display (in exhibit and/or online) of the Property are at the sole discretion of Rice University’s Woodson Research Center, Archives and Special Collections, unless otherwise noted in Donor Restrictions.
Donor Restrictions and Expiration Date
In the event that the collection or a portion of the collection should be restricted from research access for a number of years for privacy reasons, please specify the portion of the collection and the year in which they may be opened. While such access restrictions are possible to make, it is an unusual provision, and should be discussed with archives staff.
Future Gifts

This instrument will also serve to convey any future gifts of materials that I wish to make to the Rice University’s Special Collections and Archives, Woodson Research Center at a later date, and each gift will be described in an addendum to this agreement.

Conditions Governing Gifts
Rice University will provide a suitable repository for the materials and will house and maintain the materials in good order according to accepted archival principles and procedures to ensure both preservation and reasonable accessibility to researchers. Rice University, however, shall have no liability for damage to or destruction of the materials by fire, water, or other casualty. The University will do its utmost to communicate in a timely manner with the donor about any materials which are determined to have no permanent value or historical interest, to be surplus to the needs of Rice University, or which the University cannot adequately house. The donor shall state below whether materials are to be returned to him, her, them, their heirs or estate, or another third party and provide contact information for said entity. If no provision is made, or if contact cannot be made with recipient using contact information provided, the University will use its discretion in disposing of unwanted materials. Please select the preferred recipient:

Exhibit A: Description of materials donated
  1.  The materials will be made available to all qualified researchers on equal terms of access. Restrictions on access requested by the donor for reasons of privacy or confidentiality are noted below in the Donor Restrictions section of this document and have a date of termination.    
  2. By execution of the Deed of Gift, Donor expressly represents and warrants to Rice University that he or she is the sole lawful owner of title to the Property or that Donor is fully authorized by such owner to enter into this Deed of Gift. Donor further represents that the Property is free and clear from any and all encumbrances, that there has been no prior pledge, option or gift of any part thereof to any person, and that Donor has the right to give or transfer the Property. 
  3. Donor represents and warrants that no customs laws, tax laws, laws of inheritance, or other laws or regulations applicable to the Property, its export or import, have been broken.
  4. Woodson Research Center may, under special circumstances, lend or place on deposit with another repository all or part of the collection. When items are loaned, Rice University will publicize this fact and the length of unavailability of the collection.
  5. I have received an explanation of all terms and conditions of this Deed of Gift and agree to them as indicated by my signature below. Woodson Research Center’s Archives and Special Collections gratefully acknowledges receipt of this gift, agrees to the stipulations outlined above, and agrees to administer the donated material in accordance with standard archival practice.
  6. SIGNATURE OF DONOR: I (we) represent and warrant that I am (we are) the sole owner(s) of the materials described above; that I (we) have full right, power, and authority to give the materials to the University; that no agreement, assignment, sale or encumbrance has been or will be made or entered into which would conflict with the Deed of Gift; and that the information I (we) have provided is accurate. The terms of this Deed of Gift shall apply to all of the Donated Materials described on Exhibit A and on any subsequently delivered Exhibit notwithstanding that some materials may be delivered before or after the date of this Deed of Gift.