Scanning & Printing

Service Description

Fondren Library has printers and scanners available for all users. Rice Network printers are for use by Rice University students, faculty, and staff (require a Rice NetID), and our public printers and free scanners are for all library users.


Rice Network Printers

Queue nameLocationCost per pageFeaturesRice NetID required?
fondren1ground floor, adjacent to Reference Desk$0.07black and white, letteryes
fondren2ground floor, adjacent to Reference Desk$0.07black and white, letteryes
fondrencolorground floor, adjacent to Reference Desk$0.35color, letter, ($0.50 duplex color)yes
fondrencolorground floor, adjacent to Reference Desk$1.00color, tabloid (11x17)yes

All Rice Network printers are administered by the Office of Information Technology. You may read more about printing at Rice on the OIT KnowledgeBase. Kindly direct any questions or issues about printing on Rice Network printers to the Help Desk at 713-348-HELP (4357) or

Please use double-sided printing when possible. It costs the same for a black and white letter-size (fondren1 or fondren2) printing page whether single or double-sided! You will save money, paper, and the environment.

Public Printers

Things you need to use black and white public printers:

  • Public computer access codes - these are available from the reception desk at the East Entrance or the Circulation Desk.
  • Once you have an access code, you may log in to any of our public computers to print.
  • You may obtain up to 20 black and white prints from the printer near the Reference area when printing from a public computer with an access code.

How to print

  1. Use the computer access code to log in to one of the public computers located near the first-floor Reference Desk, or the Kelley Center Information Desk in the basement.
  2. Open what you would like to print with Adobe reader, webmail, Google Docs, etc.
  3. Choose File > Print.
  4. Select the print range, number of copies, etc., and click print twice.
  5. Your print job will be sent to the printer located on the wall near Stair E.

Digital Media Commons Printers

Printing services at the DMC are only for Rice students, faculty, and staff. Payment for printing may be made by patron's Esther account or Interdepartmental Transfer.

DMC Guidelines for a Large Volume Print Job: 

  1. For a print job over 500 pages, go to the Document Center in the Jones Graduate School of Business, located on the fourth floor of McNair Hall. The Document Center provides copying and printing services for the entire campus.
  2. For a print job between 100-500 pages, please print 100 pages first, then allow the printer to cool down for 10 minutes, meanwhile, check the printouts to make sure the colors do not fade, if colors fade, notify DMC staff on duty to switch the ink cartridges before proceeding to the next 100 pages. For duplex printing, please print 50 pages at a time. This practice prevents the printer from overheating and certain ink cartridges from running too low to cause the color fading issue, so that waste of ink and paper on unsatisfying printouts won’t happen.

Standard Document printing

Rice affiliates:

Letter (8.5"x11")B & W (Simplex/Duplex)$.10
 Color Simplex$.25
 Color Duplex$.50
Tabloid(11”X17”)B & W (Simplex/Duplex)$.20
 Color Simplex$.50
 Color Duplex$1.00

Interdepartmental transfers:

Letter (8.5"x11")B & W (Simplex/Duplex)$.06
 Color Simplex$.15
 Color Duplex$.30
Tabloid(11”X17”)B & W (Simplex/Duplex)$.12
 Color Simplex$.30
 Color Duplex$.59

Large format printing 

Visit the Poster Cost Calculator page for prices and cost.


3D printing

Although Fondren Library does not have 3D printing services, they are available on campus.

Jones School Business Information Center (BIC) Printers

The BIC charges for printing but is not connected to the OIT print server. The BIC sells print cards in $2.00 and $5.00 denominations. The charge per print is $0.05. The print cards have a username and password which are used to print.


Public Scanners

  • There are five scanning stations on the first floor available for use at no cost. Patrons may email, save to USB, or create a QR code to save and send scans.
  • The Click Mini (face-up scanner) has a scanning area of 22 x 16 in.
  • The Bookedge (face-down scanner) has a scanning area of 12 x 17 in.

Jones Business Information Center Scanners

  • 1 document feed scanner
  • 1 flatbed scanner

Digital Media Commons Scanners

  • 3 Film & Slide scanner
  • 2 Oversize scanner (11"x17")

Microform Scanners

  • The Kelley Center has microform scanners that can scan to a USB drive or produce a print for $0.10 per page, cash paid to the Information Desk staff.