Sharing Data

Service Description

The Research Data Services team provides advice on how to prepare data for deposit and on identifying an appropriate data repository. For more information and assistance, please make an appointment.

Why share data?

  • Meet funding agency requirements
  • Support transparency and reproducibility
  • Increase the visibility of research
  • Get cited

Where can I deposit and share my data?

How can others use my data (licensing and intellectual property)?

What should I consider before sharing data?

Before you make your data publicly available, consider:

  • Whether there are privacy concerns. If your data contains information about human subjects, you will need to include data sharing plans in your IRB and make sure that data are de-identified. See the guidance from the NIH and ICPSR.
  • Whether the dataset is proprietary. If so, it may be possible to negotiate with the data owner to allow summary-level data to be shared.
  • Whether there are computer security or export control issues.

    Contact the Office of Research Compliance for assistance with these issues.

How can I get credit for my data?


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