Fondren Fellows


About the program

The Fondren Fellows program funds Rice undergraduate or graduate students to conduct research or teaching projects sponsored by Fondren Library that involve skills, collections, spaces, or services related to libraries and archives. For example, projects may involve working with archival collections, developing digital projects, or helping people learn how to find and use information more effectively. Rice faculty members or Fondren staff propose and serve as the mentors for projects. 


Check out the current projects:

  1. Topic Database Creation Over the Rice Thresher   
  2. Design, Development, and Delivery of Python Workshops 
  3. Post-Covid Corporate Stakeholder Engagement and Social Advocacy     
  4. Fondren Library Data Repository for Data Science Education and Experiential Learning, Phase I 
  5. Houston Highways 
  6. Visualizing Catastrophe in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Interactive Map of Photography and Natural Disasters
  7. Mapping TIMEA
  8. The President’s Scientists: Understanding the Evolving Role of White House Science Advisors
  9. Mapping Hispanic Early Modern Theater in the US
  10. Blood Will Tell?: Genetics and Madness
  11. Listening to our users: Centering DEI in Library Publishing Services
  12. History of Japanese Farmers in Texas
  13. OUT OF THE GUTTER: cataloging a new collection of international comic art at Rice University
  14.  Building Capacities for Systematic and Qualitative Analysis in the Social Media Archive
  15. Developing Houston Hip Hop Archives



The Fondren Fellows program offers the following benefits to students:

  • Receive a competitive wage. Fellows will receive $17/ hour for up to 200 hours of work.
  • Create a meaningful research or teaching project in collaboration with experts.
  • Hone research and communication skills.
  • Work flexible hours; most positions involve at least some remote work.    


Program expectations

Once selected, Fondren Fellows must:

  • Submit a research plan
  • Participate in regular meetings with their mentor(s) and, as appropriate, with other Fellows   
  • Be able to dedicate at least 5-10 hours of work per week to their project
  • Provide reports on their progress in meeting the project goals
  • Present their project at a public forum, such as the Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium (RURS) or a Fondren Town Hall Meeting
  • Acknowledge the Fondren Fellows program in any publications or presentations resulting from the fellowship
  • Provide feedback on the Fellows program, including by completing a brief survey at the middle and end of the fellowship


How to apply

Applications for the Fondren Fellows program are closed. The next cohort selection is expected in late summer/fall of 2023.

Please direct any questions to


More about the FF

Fondren Library gratefully acknowledges the John “Terry” Maltsberger III estate for creating an endowment to support expanding the Fondren Fellows program - "Surprise for Fondren Library: $2 million endowment to fund experiential research," Rice News (November 5, 2018).

Between 2016 and 2019, the Fondren Fellows program was funded through the generous support of Trish Brice. The program's inception originally drew inspiration from a similar program at Vanderbilt, as well as by student research programs at Rice’s Center for Civic Leadership and Rice’s Humanities Research Center.

For more information, see Jeff Falk's article: "Fondren Fellows Program showcases students’ research prowess," Rice News (April 17, 2017).

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