So that the DMC computing lab is comfortable and well-maintained, we ask that everyone abide by the following guidelines.

  1. The DMC primarily serves Rice faculty, staff, and students. Priority in access to workstations and assistance is given to members of the Rice community.

  2. The DMC supports web authoring, text and image scanning, audio and video editing, and the creation of interactive multimedia. If you would like read email, use word processing applications, or surf the web, please use the Owlnet machines on the first floor of the library.

  3. In the lab, please refrain from loud talking, and use headphones if you are working with audio content.

  4. Do not add, change, or remove hardware, and do not load commercial software or games onto the hard drives. DMC staff must approve plugging in peripheral devices prior to connection.

  5. If you run into a problem with an application or computer, please report it to a member of the DMC staff.

  6. The DMC will keep your Rice ID at the DMC service desk if you use the following DMC items: memory card readers, USB drives, and headphones.

  7. DMC workstations are not bookable. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis during our open hours

  8. All users are responsible for their own files.  We cannot guarantee the integrity of user files. The DMC does not perform back-up of user data; therefore, users should store their files on their own USB drive, external hard drive, or their network space. 

  9. Users may not store any files on the drives of DMC workstations, except in SaveWorkHere folder located on the desktop. Please save the files in a subfolder with your email handle as the folder name in the SaveWorkHere folder. Files will be cleaned off the hard disk on the first Monday of every month. 

  10. Refer to Storage Options for Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Rice Storage, File Sharing, and Backup Solutions provided by Rice IT for your network space choices. 

Feel free to call the DMC (713)348-3635, or email, or stop by in person at Fondren B42 if you have any questions.